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Raksti par dabu

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Volume 2 (Number 1)             (2016)


Records of Coccinellidae (Insecta: Coleoptera) collected in Latvia (2007–2009), with emphasis on species found in orchards and greeneries



A. Stalažs


Open access (PDF)



            As many ladybirds are predators with agricultural significance, these insects can be useful in fruit orchards. From 2007 to 2009 these beetles have been collected in different orchards, as well as in other habitats. One of research tasks was to obtain data on predatory ladybird diversity in orchards. In total 1569 specimens have been collected and 17 species have been identified and reported here. The most common and dominant species in orchards are three predaceous ladybirds — Adalia bipunctata, Coccinella septempunctata and Propylea quatuordecimpunctata.



Annotated checklist of the molluscs of the Baltic countries



A. Stalažs, E. Dreijers


Open access (PDF)



            Due to new knowledge about diversity of molluscs and new taxonomic changes, it was necessary to update the lists of molluscs for the Baltic countries. According to published information, a new comparative checklist for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania has been prepared. According to the most recent knowledge, this checklist includes 189 accepted species — 160 for Estonia, 172 for Latvia and 168 for Lithuania. The status of some of species remains unclear and additional confirmation is necessary for particular countries.
















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